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Our aim: is to revolutionize the concept of mental health.
We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; just turn it’
Who we are:

Minding my mental health ltd., an exciting new mental health portal for both professionals and the general public was founded in Ireland in 2021 by Denise Brett & Andrei Tcaciuc, two psychotherapists with a background in psychology, who studied at University College Dublin and trained at postgraduate level at St. Vincent’s University Hospital School of Psychotherapy.  Through their clinical work, they recognised a need amongst mental health professionals and the community in general.

Our philosophy:

Over time, we realised the necessity to cultivate a culture of minding one’s mental health, since life always throws unexpected things at us (traumatic events, losses, illnesses, etc.) it would be unreasonable to expect an uninterrupted state of inner balance at all times.

Our desire to create this website was fueled by our passion for helping people to understand the importance of minding, maintaining, improving their own mental health .

Never before has it been more important to look after our mental health.  The Pandemic has highlighted this with the demand for services at an all time high.  

We want people to realise that mental health and physical health are woven together, and both are extremely important to everyone; They are both things we all have to work at, they are not only relevant to people who are struggling. They are relevant to everyone.

Our goal:

Our goal is to assist people to educate themselves on how to mind their mental health.  We want to move away from the stigma attached to mental health, it is not an us/them situation, it is an all of us situation.  We want to make mental health fun, enjoyable and entertaining, which similarly to physical health it is something to be worked on.

We noticed that there is a current lack of information available to people about who is qualified to practice psychotherapy.  This might have very serious health consequences for people seeking help regarding their mental health.

In response to a rapidly changing world where face to face therapy is not always  viable  there are still many options available.  We decided to set up a portal where members of the public and professionals, can come to find out more about the numerous options available to them in looking after their mental health; and the relevance of psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry and philosophy, and how they may help the individual.

Looking after your mental health is more than just reacting when something goes wrong; there are many different things you can do to stay healthy and we are here to help you navigate your way through the terminology and the choices and options you have.

The Website

There are many different types of therapies available, we have explained each one and will soon have a list of highly qualified, registered and insured professionals.

Previously when looking for help, you were limited  by geographical proximity, this has now changed with the availability of online therapy, and our website hopes to foster this opportunity for our therapists, simplifying connections and payments.

If you are a trained professional and would like to be listed on our website or to contribute to our articles or seminars please contact us.

We also have a quarterly magazine launching shortly, called Me Myself and I, which will cover a range of topics of interest.
Everywhere we turn we are confronted with what it takes to be happy, the command, indeed the demand to be happy is omnipresent.  Sometimes this unrealistic expectation can make us sad in the belief everyone is happy and we should be happy too.  We live in the real world where happiness does exist, but it is not a permanent state, and the unrealistic demand for happiness sets us up for feelings of failure. 
Being positive has it’s place and can be hugely beneficial, but if there is one thing we have learnt from this pandemic, it is that it is not always beneficial to be positive!
During these unprecedented times when most of the world is adapting to working remotely, the fabric of our world has changed.  For some this will present as rupture, for others opportunity. Our mental health is what determines the difference.
Your input:
Please contact us to let us know if there is a topic that you would like to see featured on our website, in our magazine or in one of our seminars.
Please keep an eye on our events section as we will have regular seminars open to everyone covering mental health topics relevant to all.
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