We are willing to pay to maintain the facade for the shiny and the new, to cover over the pain and suffering present underneath. 

Is getting your nails done sublimating the feelings that trigger the desire to self harm.  In other words, is it performing an additional function, is it more necessary than it appears, wallpapering over the cracks, in order to maintain  the facade?

We have all been in multiple periods of lockdown and restrictions, beauty salons and hairdresssers were closed and many of those who complained were told they weren’t necessary.  However, these are places where people talk and sometimes confide their innermost secrets, places to create the semblance of normality and togetherness.  Are they are alot more necessary than was thought before, necessary to hold together the fragile self, giving it a shiny and new facade, a shell to protect from without.

Ominous vs anonymous 

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