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Don’t become a Basket Case, look after your Mental Laundry

D. Brett 2020

Mental Laundry

We clean our clothes every day, we clean our houses our cars and our physical bodies.

However, do we ever consider our minds, where we are filled with not only our own thoughts but other people’s thoughts and ideas and all the detritus from the days, months, and years of life.

Therapy isn’t just about dealing with problems or coping with anxiety, it can include spring cleaning the mind. 

Which beliefs are yours? and which are ones you have adopted from other people?  Knowing this has never been more important than it is now, we have reached a time when it is becoming more evident that people need to think and speak for themselves, to find their own truth. 

Some basic mental spring-cleaning exercises can be meditation, breathing exercise, yoga, being outdoors.

It can be useful to prioritise, decide what is important to you now, and what you see as being relevant in your future.

Perspective is essential to good mental health.

Resilience is essential to coping effectively with the challenges that life throws at you.

Some therapies will help you rebuild the image you have created of the ideal self and world you live in, others will help you tear it down to see who or what is at your core.  Both types of therapy are useful, it is an individual preference based on whether you are patching yourself up, and recovering, or taking yourself apart, and examining who you are.

Read through the different types of therapy approaches and see which you think would suit you best. 

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