New Year 2023


Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions, seldom keep them and end up repeating the same ‘mistakes and failures’ of previous years.

Make 2023 different. Choose to change.  Start by Planning your year to achieve what you want to achieve, use the different perspective of each new month to your benefit.

We have choices and decisions to make that will determine our future. There are always options and choices, and we can learn to recognise them.

Plan to succeed, instead of making an impossible list of things that we won’t do and feeling like a failure, we can be hopeful.


In order to achieve any goals, any plans we have to be able to imagine them. We are talking about making use of one of the best tools that we have in our mind: Imagination. 

ThinkStep 1

What would you like to achieve?

Decide what you would like 2023 to look like. 

Spend time thinking about it, take the month of January, set aside 20 minutes every day to imagine, think, research and decide.

What do you hope for?

Make a decision and take ownership of it. 

Having spent the month imagining and thinking, make a decision based on your thoughts.

Make a plan – Step 2

Take the decision you spent 4 weeks thinking about, and make a plan for how you are going to achieve it. Take the month of February to make your plan.

Activate your plan – Step 3

Taking the plan you have spent 4 weeks making, and put it into action. Take the next 10 months to achieve what you have decided you want to do by making one small change every week or two weeks, the choice is yours!

It doesn’t have to be something huge, it can be something small, or it can be something huge. Just thinking about what you want to achieve and making a plan is huge in itself.

Break your goal down into 10 achievable blocks and tackle one per month.

Your decision could be that you want to improve your health or improve your quality of life or improve your education , learn a language, or improve your work life or improve your personal life, or just take charge of your life.

You get to decide what it is you want to change…

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I –  Imagine

Hhear yourself and hope for yourself

Ooperate on what you have heard and make a decision – own your decision

Pplan based on your decision, progress your decision

Eenergise yourself and execute your plan

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