To provide access to: fully qualified ( 7+ years training) mental health consultants.

 To destigmatise mental health; as it impacts every single person.

To provide a place where mental health consultants can exchange learning and experience; to enhance their understanding of mental health.

To increase awareness and understanding of the relevance of mental health and usefulness of psychotherapy to all people.

Our Vision

To have mental health considered at the same level of importance as physical health; It concerns everyone and is something that needs exercise and a healthy diet of experience.

That people know that everyone suffers and there is something they can do about it.

To remove the stigma of mental health being only relevant some for people, who we have to treat kindly, we should treat everyone kindly; everyone has mental health concerns over the course of their life.

Our Ethos

We believe in the right of everyone to be treated with dignity respect and equality.

We believe that mental health has equal importance to physical health, it is always relevant.

We believe in the importance of Psychotherapists being paid fairly for the complex essential work they do; as a result of the  7+ years specialised training they have completed.

We believe that everyone should have access to mental health professionals, and those who cannot afford it should be subsidised without underpaying the Psychotherapist.

Contact Us

1 Example Street
Anytown, CA 10100
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