All light no darkness

Since the very beginning of social media people became addicted to constantly checking up on each other, seeing what everyone else has been up to, what their classmates from school or perhaps work colleagues have been doing. And when you take a look at those social media pages what do you typically find? 

Pictures from some sunny island, a happy couple, an engagement announcement, a perfect face with no acne, thighs with no stretch marks, amazing outfits and expensive dinners.

Coming from a 17 year old that grew up into this world of likes and shares, allow me to tell you playing pretend on social media is so hard to do and so easy to spot.


 For a long time people fell for it, for the false world that only lives on a screen, and began to judge themselves and ask questions like “Why don’t I look like that? Why can’t I afford this or that?”. 

They started to blame themselves for not being able to keep up with the latest trends, with showing off how great and how fun their life is, or in better words is not.  Have you ever wondered why is that? 

Why every time you try to show off on social media how well you are doing in life you start to feel like you are doing miserably, no matter how hard you try to prove to others the opposite?

The answer to that is simple: the moment you start doing something for somebody else you are no longer doing it for you, no longer doing something because you enjoy it. You do it because a person from you past will stumble across your post and see how happy you are on some vacation you are not even sure you can afford.

Written by Amalia Mitrică, 17

The second you start to live your life just for others to see, for others to look at, just to prove that you are doing great, that is the moment you stop living for your happiness, for your wellbeing. People can fake it just like you can, so next time you start to look up old friends on facebook remember you will only find light and sunshine but never darkness and storm.

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